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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutritional Info

  1. How many calories are in a mike’s?

    Calories don’t count when you’re having fun! However, the average 11.2 ounce bottle of mike’s has about 200 calories.

  2. How many calories are in a mike’s Lite?

    The average 11.2 ounce bottle of mike’s Lite has 145 calories.

  3. Does mike’s contain allergens?

    Our products don’t contain common allergens like soy, nuts, oats, rye or egg. Even though mike’s full ingredient list is proprietary, if you’re concerned about an ingredient, we will gladly let you know if our products contain any.

  4. Is mike’s gluten free?

    mike’s base has been crafted to remove gluten. We’ve worked with a third party to ensure our batches are at or below the industry standard for gluten removal. We recommend for those with extreme sensitivities to please consult with a doctor in the chance that there may be gluten traces.

  5. What’s the shelf life of mike’s products?

    Mike’s is best enjoyed up to a year after it’s been bottled. The batch code, found on the neck of bottles and the bottom of cans, can help you identify the bottling date. A letter will be first: A=January, B=February, etc. The next two numbers are the day of the week, and the last two numbers are the year. Shoot us an email if you have any questions about the batch code.


  1. What kind of alcohol is used in Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

    The best kind! We follow a simple proprietary four-step brewing process:

    • Ferment malt grains with our proprietary, bespoke yeast.
    • Filter through proprietary filtration technology, resulting in a very clean, neutral alcohol base.
    • Squeeze and zest lemons to produce superior, natural lemon flavor.
    • Add natural sugars and lemon flavor to the neutral alcohol base to produce.
  2. What is Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s alcohol content?

    mike’s flavors contain 5% alcohol.

Where to Buy

  1. Where can I buy Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

    Mike is feverishly working on his plan to have a bottle of mike’s present in every refrigerator in America, but until then you can use our Flavor Finder. All you need to do is type in your zip code to see which retailers carry your favorite Mike’s product.


Promotions and Sponsorships

  1. Where can I find coupons for Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

    Unfortunately, due to strict regulations surrounding alcohol, we’re not legally allowed to send coupons from our corporate office. However, you can find mike’s coupons on Ibotta, a free coupon app that can be downloaded on your Apple or Android device.

  2. Is Mike’s Hard Lemonade able to sponsor my event or sports team?

    For all sponsorship inquiries, contact us via the “Contact Us” link.